Stauferburg Hohenecken

Förderverein Burg Hohenecken e.V.

St. Rochus

In the year 1877 King Ludwig II passed a decree whereby Hohenecken,
Dansenberg an parts of the Breitenau should form an independent
catholic community. The first Church of Hohenecken- today´s
Rochuschapel- was too small for the increasing number of believers.
By collection and various support it was possible to enable the
groundbreaking ceremony for the new church. It took only 1,5 years
to build the church St. Rochus and on the 20th september 1897 the
inauguration took place. The construction plan in neo-Gothic style
was made by the architect Ludwig Becker who lived in Cologne.

The steep track, starting at Hildegardstraße, used to show the Station
of the Cross until the First World War. The track endet on the eastern
peak of the castle hill were still today a cross is located (near the playground).

It also plays a role in the tale of the buried treasure.