Stauferburg Hohenecken

Förderverein Burg Hohenecken e.V.



The charge of the „Keller“ existed already in the and century.
The Keller was the custodian of the grand estate of the Hoheneckens,
an important noble family and imperial ministeriales of the castle.
The comunities with the right of wood were Hohenecken, Erfenbach, Siegelbach,
Espensteig and Stockborn.

Since 1733 the „Kellerei“, which means an operational area, was a dependent
office of the electoral palatinate. The former „Hohenecker Forst“ was the name
of the forrest belonging to the Reichsfreiherr of Hohenecken. It was renamed and
until today it is called „Kellereiwald“. A part of this is also the hills Kleiner Scheibenkopf,
großer Scheibenkopf, Kohlkopf and Schlossberg, the castle hill. Despite a number of
disputes, the citiziens of Hohenecken kept the right to use wood
of the forrest for building their houses or for heating until today.

The name oft he street „Kellereiwaldstraße“ keeps this privilege alive.