Stauferburg Hohenecken

Förderverein Burg Hohenecken e.V.


Maid Hildegard


The Lord of the Castle had a beautiful daughter named Hildegard. She was well educated in horse riding and shooting with bow and arrow. The people in Hohenecken liked her a lot.

One day she went to the village. There she met an old woman which took her hand for palm reading. She said that her fiancé, Friedrich von Flörsheim, which lived on the Wilenstein Castle, will die by one of her own arrows. Hildegard did not believe in old ladies chatter.

So she got on her horse and while riding through the woods, she saw a hawk  in the air. She shot him and wanted to bring it to the castle´s kitchen. But she was not alone. Hanno von Wilenstein, a man with bad manners, was hiding in the forest and observed Hildegard all the time.

He loved the beautiful maid and was jealous of Friedrich von Flörsheim. Hanno found the hawk with Hildegard´s arrow and took it away.  He murdered his rival Friedrich with this arrow. Hildegard was looking for the bird for a while but then she decided to return to the castle to await her fiancé Friedrich von Flörsheim. But he did not come. 

His KNAPPE came to the castle and told the people he found Friedrich dead, lying in his own blood. When Hildegard saw the arrow, she realized that it was the one she shot the hawk with. “Hanno, this is your work!” she said. Hildegard went to a convent  and become a nun. Hanno realized what he had done and went away, no one saw him ever after.