Stauferburg Hohenecken

Förderverein Burg Hohenecken e.V.

Lime Tree

These trees have a special significance with mythological and religious symbolic power.
It is a maternal tree with heart-shaped leafs, a sweet smell and expanding tree crown
which has a special attraction and gives people the feeling of comfort.
The village lime tree used to be the the centre and meeting point of the village.
It was a place to celebrate, especially in the night before the first of May.
It was also the place for the village court.

After a war or a plague is was a tradition to plant a so called peace lime tree.
Therefore this lime tree was planted to light a beacon of hope during the Corona pandemic
here at St. Rochus the patron saint of the plague.

An initiative of the booster club Hohenecken castle, supported by the congregation St. Rochus