Stauferburg Hohenecken

Förderverein Burg Hohenecken e.V.



In the year 1697 in the peace treaty of Ryswick a church in Hohenecken was mentioned,
which belonged to the Protestans. His chapel must have been build after the reformation
after the year 1565. During the War of the Palatinate succession, Kaierslautern was occupied
by the french troops on the 29.9.1688. At this time Hohenecken castle was occupied by
General Bouffleur, burned down and blown up.

During the chaos of war, the old church was damaged, it was no longer possible to attend mass there.
In the year 1747 the palatinate elector Karl Theodor supported the constuction of the Rochus Chapel.

In july 1748 the Franciscan monks announced the rebuilding of the Rochus chapel, which proves
that it was build on the same place where the old Church was located. It was dedicated to the plague
saint Rochus, in memory to the pest which raged in Kaiserslautern in the year 1666.