Stauferburg Hohenecken

Förderverein Burg Hohenecken e.V.

The „Retzendell“ got it´s name from the special climatic condicions:
cool, humid and sunny at the same time. Here flax and linnen was
produced out of the plant fibres by retting on the ground. They were
lying in swaths, a parallel row of fibres. The alternation of wet dew
and  drying by solar irradiation rips off the skin. Bacteria and fungus
can easily enter the fibre and split it up. 
It takes a few manufacturing processes to spin the yarn and produce
fabrics in weaving mills. In 1771 the first Kaiserslautern cloth factory
was established, in „Espensteig“ the grand bleaching was formed
and a lot of the people in Hohenecken worked as weavers.

Today the formerly open valley bottom of the „Retzendell“ is overgrown